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Newborn Photography

We get it! You have a million things to do but you cant stop gazing at your baby and thinking, "Wow! I made you!" It's hard to put the exact feelings into words. Luckily, you don't have to because we capture those magical details into the perfect memory; scrumptious pictures that look amazing on your wall and which one day you will look back on with your baby all grown up and smile because they were just so unbelievably, delectably cute!

It's a special time for sure, so cherish those newborn cuddles with the ones you love because those precious little bundles don't stay tiny for long. We offer a mobile service so your custom newborn photography session is held in the comfort of your own home. We will bring bespoke props, blankets and backgrounds which are perfect for a variety of styles and photos. 

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When should I book?

As babies rarely arrive on their due date I allow plenty of space in my diary to accommodate for early and late arrivals. Most of my clients book around their 20 weeks scan, however my diary does fill up quickly as I only do a few shoots each week so its best to book as early as you can. When you book with Utterly Original Photography I will 'pencil in' your estimated due date in my diary to keep your place.

How do I know if you have availability?

The first step is to contact me via the website I will check my availability around your due date and I will try my best to reply to you within 24 hrs to let you know if I am free. If you would like to speak to me first then please feel free to call me or we can arrange a consultation.

Do You Require A Deposit?

A session fee is required to secure your booking - I offer packages to suit every budget. There are no hidden costs, just choose the package that suits you. You can pay for this along with the session fee or you can decide on a package after the session.

What happens when the baby arrives?

The session will be scheduled before the baby is 14 days old so the sooner you contact me the better and I will try to offer you a date that suits you best. I will then send you an email with information of what to bring and how to prepare for your session. I do my newborn sessions in the mornings as babies are generally more sleepy at this time.

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